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Our Projects

Acorn Energy Solar One (AESO), the 150 kW solar array located behind the Police Station in Middlebury, was completed in December 2011.


Our second Community Solar project, Acorn Energy Solar 2 (AES2), located on Watch Point Road in Shoreham, was completed in early 2020.


Our third Community Solar project, Acorn Energy Solar 3 (AES3), located on a capped landfill in Bristol, was completed in mid 2022.

What distinguishes our Community Solar projects from most others in Vermont is that they are entirely local in their legal, financial, and ownership structures. They're designed by Vermonters, for Vermonters, and will ultimately be owned by the local investors who are project participants (individuals, local businesses, churches, and other organizations), and who will benefit from the project's energy production.

These investors receive monthly credits on their electricity bills in proportion to their project ownership. This allows these local investors to play an active part in Vermont’s renewable energy future, and will also provide them with a reliable and stably priced local source of electricity in uncertain times. It also demonstrates how projects like these can be successfully developed with the active partnership among Acorn Energy Co-op, town governments, and local residents and businesses.



Participants save money on their electric bills

Makes solar possible if your roof or yard are not suitable (facing the wrong way, shaded by trees)


A truly collaborative process


Productive reuse of "brownfields" sites


Renters and condo owners can participate


Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) stay in state and helps Vermont reach its renewable energy goals


Net credits on your utility bills pay for the investment in 12-13 years.

If you have any questions, please send an email to, or call our coordinator, Mary Mester, at 802-385-1911.

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