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Acorn Energy Solar One  (AESO)
A Community-Owned Solar Project in Middlebury, VT

After more than a year of hard work, Acorn Energy Solar One (AESO) the solar array behind the Police Station on Lucius Shaw Lane in Middlebury, was commissioned and began feeding local energy into the grid beginning in December 2011.


Acorn Energy Solar One, LLC is the company we created to own and operate the 150 kW photovoltaic solar array. The project is a collaboration between the Acorn Energy Co-op, Co-operative Insurance Companies of Middlebury, and the Town of Middlebury.


All necessary permits were received and financing was completed in late October, 2011.  Construction began in mid November and was completed in late December. An experienced contractor, Alteris Renewables, constructed AESO.

Real-time Production Display

To see real-time electricity generation statistics for AESO, click here

Since 2011, AESO has produced more electricity than originally projected, and has operated smoothly.

Subscriber Details

We reserved one-third of the total system output for a limited number of Acorn Energy Co-op members. In order to participate, each subscriber paid a membership fee of $2,000 which draws interest at 2% paid annually. This qualified the subscriber to purchase a 2% share of the array's electrical output from CVPS (now GMP) and receive a two cent per kWh rebate for 25 years. Starting in year 11, the rebate amount will increase to five cents per kWh and a portion of the membership fee will be repaid each year until the fee is fully repaid.  Sixteen AEC members signed up. Participation was limited to lifetime AEC members.

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